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Monthly Management Plan:

- Check all fluids in engine and generator(s). (Oil, coolant, transmissions)
- Check bow thrusters, trim stabs, batters and power steering.
- Check fresh water tank(s), waste tank(s), and fuel tank(s).
- Check all pumps and bilges. (Fresh water pump, shower pump, toilet pump, float switches and bilge pumps).
- Exercise thru hull valves.
- Remove and clean all sea strainers (Both engines, generator and A/C unit).

- Check functionality of ALL lighting (Interior, exterior, engine room, navigational and flood lights).

- Check 110 volt system. (Fridge/freezer, stove, microwave, tv, shore power, stereo, horn, A/C ice maker).
- Flush all marine toilets, check shower and faucets.

- Start and run engines, check temperature and fluids.
- Start and run generator, check temperature and fluids.
- Operate bowthruster and trim tabs.

- Check strength of dock lines, reajust as necessary.
- If hurricane is forecasted for your area, we will follow hurricane protection plan.

- Check fire systems.
- Check fire extinguishers.
- Check high water alarm.
- Check bilgepumps and float switches.

Each month, owner will be notified of any items that need attention. Repairs will be done as directed by owner of vessel. EXEPTION: Safety related items will be addressed and fixed ASAP. Safety items may be fixed without owner approval IF item could cause damage, destruction or catastrophic issue.


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